Interface: HardeningConfig


  • HardeningConfig




Optional circuitBreaker

circuitBreaker? : CircuitBreakerConfig

Defined in packages/sdk/encrypted-backup/src/config.ts:33

If provided, a circuit breaker will be used with the given configuration to protect the backup key

Optional computational

computational? : ComputationalHardeningConfig

Defined in packages/sdk/encrypted-backup/src/config.ts:25

If provided, a computational hardening function (e.g. scrypt or PBKDF2) will be applied to locally harden the backup encryption key.

remarks Recommended for password-encrypted backups, especially if a circuit breaker is not in use, as this provides some degree of protection in the event of an ODIS compromise. When generating backups on low-power devices (e.g. budget smart phones) and encrypting with low-entropy secrets (e.g. 6-digit PINs) local hardening cannot offer significant protection.

Optional odis

odis? : OdisHardeningConfig

Defined in packages/sdk/encrypted-backup/src/config.ts:28

If provided, ODIS will be used with the given configuration to harden the backup key